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TOPIC: Understanding Twitter Chats - A Guide to Getting

Understanding Twitter Chats - A Guide to Getting 4 months 3 weeks ago #6308

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Perhaps the most obvious one of the biggest benefits of Twitter chats is that you can increase your number of social media followers. The best way to take advantage of this benefit is to interact with the moderator and other people involved in the chat, as we'll see below. In addition to the number of followers you have, Twitter chats increase awareness of your brand as a whole. Hosting a chat brings your target audience to you. You can listen to your Phone Number List audience members, learn how to engage them, and get ideas for your content marketing strategy. Cats allow professionals from all over the world to meet and share their expertise. When you participate in a chat, you are demonstrating thought leadership, especially if the moderator retweets your response! Twitter chats are also an opportunity to learn Phone Number List from your peers. A marketer across the country might have a tip or tool that fixes the problem you've been struggling with for the past month. Alternatively, you can also take inspiration from others and let your creativity run wild. How to participate in Twitter discussions Even seasoned content marketers can be a little confused when it comes to participating in a Twitter chat. They are not all contained in the same thread, which makes them more difficult to follow. Find a Twitter chat you'd like to join. (You'll find several for marketers throughout this article or Huffington Post shares its 10 best chats for entrepreneurs or find 25 great Twitter chats on 99signals) Then, at the Phone Number List appointed time, tune in to Twitter and type the hashtag in the Twitter search bar. You can also go to the moderator's profile page. When you see a question you want to answer, start your tweet with the number that matches the question. Here you can see how Timara Nichols did it on a LinkedIn chat, tweeting her answer to the first question starting with "A1".

Tamara Nichols - Linkedin Chat Many Twitter users create a new tweet when replying to a question, be sure to use the Twitter chat hashtag of course! You can also reply directly to the tweet asking the question. It's similar to commenting on posts on Facebook and Instagram, and that's what I, along with 30 other people, did in a recent #CMWorld chat: Twitter chat hashtag Now that you know the basics, let's take a look at some tips for making the Phone Number List most of your time on Twitter. Tips for participating in Twitter discussions: Know when to share. Don't feel the need to answer all the questions. You will always benefit from watching the conversation, learning from your peers and industry experts. On the other hand, don't hesitate to go for it and make the most of the answers that show your expertise. By doing this, people Phone Number List will notice and appreciate your participation. This is especially beneficial when you have a unique perspective. Put the conversation first (not yourself). Like all good content marketing, the focus should be on educating and helping others. While self-promotion is a plus, people will see right through you if you include a link to your product in every response. When your intentions are to promote yourself, instead of engaging with a community, it shows. (And that's not pretty!) Interact with others. When talking about engaging with your community, don't just answer the moderator's questions. Like and respond to other participants' responses. This is how real conversations begin in the digital world. Additionally, this is how other Twitter users will get to know you, increasing the likelihood that they will engage in your other Twitter activities. Follow the other participants.

If you want to increase the number of your Twitter followers, the best way to do that is to follow those who are also in the conversation. Since you are interested in the same topic and just interacted with you, chances are it will follow you. Go GIF crazy! Okay, you might not need to go crazy, but GIFs are Phone Number List an important part of the conversation on Twitter. They give an emotional response to your comments. You can also comment quickly, without needing to craft the perfect 280-character response. Plus, they're fun! People love them, and a smart GIF is a positive reflection of your social media skills. The gifs are regularly used by both the moderator and the participants. For example, AdWeek regularly includes GIFs with each question asked: In case you can't tell, chatting on Twitter is meant to be fun! Hosting a Twitter chat Phone Number List To host a Twitter chat, the first thing you'll need is your chat hashtag. How to host a tweet chat It can be related to your brand or the topic of the content, but it should be short, memorable, and unique. Short: The longer your hashtag, the fewer characters participants should include in their response. Memorable: Choose an easy-to-remember hashtag. This ensures that Twitter Phone Number List users can find you and makes it easier to join the conversation. Unique: Easy-to-remember hashtags are also common. You also need a hashtag of your own. Otherwise, those who want to find your cat may Phone Number List be confused by the other results that appear with your hashtag. Next, think about the time of your conversation. Twitter chats work best in the long run when they happen on a regular basis, such as once a week.
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